WEAPONS come in five: Minor, Simple, Normal, Major, and Firearms.

  • Minor weapons do 1d4 or less and can generally be used by anyone. They’re often as much tools as anything else. 5g
  • Simple weapons are weapons that leave a hand free and are all around “weaponier” than a minor weapon. In some cases they’re used as more general tools but generally they’re carried for protection. They do 1d6 damage. 10g
  • Normal weapons require some training. These are typically purely implements of war. They do 1d8. 30g
  • Major weapons are large and must be used two-handed, and require special training to even use. They take up two slots of encumberance. They do 1d10 damage. 50g
  • Firearms also require some special training to use well but the basic nature of the setting assumes at least a familiarity with firearms. Not everyone has one but everyone in the family knows how to use the family gun, for instance.
    -Pistols do 1d8 damage, and 2 Bullets cost 1g
    -Shotguns do 1d8 damage, and 1 Shell costs 1g. These take up two slots of encumberance, but a trained smith can modify this for you.
    -Rifles do 1d10 damage, and 1 Round costs 1g. These take up two slots of encumberance.

Within these weapon categories, each weapon may have Range, Reach, or be restricted to Melee.

  • Melee weapons hit someone you’re basically right next to.
  • Reach weapons can hit a target about 10’ away, across a decent sized room. They are usually manuevered in such a way that you don’t have to worry about hitting an ally.
  • Ranged weapons are missiles, bullets or spears or such, which can travel a longer distance but are only reliable at a certain range. Other ranges carry some penalties. Bows, slings, crossbows, and firearms fall into this category and all require Ammo.

There are some weapons – whips, boomerangs, lariats, nets – which represent special cases. Use the equipment guide for Lamentations of the Flame Princess as a general list of gear and goods to pick from, and ask about esoteric or exotic weaponry.

ARMOR is the word we use as an artifact of the hobby but few people are fully armored here. Protection would be a better term. Armor breaks down into Light(plus 2), Thick(plus 4), Heavy( plus 6), and Metal(plus 7). Heavy and Metal armors take up two slots of encumberance. Metal armor is rare outside of active military service or the patronage of some rich baron. SHIELDS (plus 1) may also be used, providing a modicum of extra protection, but who really uses shields? Certainly any you carry will be improvised or second hand. Nobody really makes shields any more.

TOOLS are a broad category that contains Specialist Tools and General Tools. Specialist Tools must be afforded you by your training, your Class or Career, or else you have to be trained in their use later in order to use them with any efficacy. General Tools are things in any general store or homestead.

There will be a better, more complete gear list here soon, but until then use this:



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