Each character has a maximum number of Helpers based on their Charisma score beginning at ___ and increasing by ___ every ___ levels. This is the amount of hirelings, servants, and talented individuals who make up a support retinue. A wagon train, if you will.

First of all, before a character may hire any Helpers whatsoever, they must first play a second character. If you can’t handle 2 people you can’t handle 12. These aren’t just glorified magic items or tools, you’re in charge of their lives.

Each Helper you hire reduces the amount of Helpers you may still hire. Each pet, familiar, war dog, horse, etc that you purchase also reduces this number. Some special assistants, like a Shootist or Soldier’s sidekick characters, do not reduce hirelings, since they’re basically just a bonus/secondary character like above.

All Helpers must be paid for. Humanoid and intelligent Helpers must be paid up front and must be paid regularly for the term of their contract, however long you wish that to be. You can fire them at any time, or they can run away in terror after failing a Morale check. Animal Helpers must be paid for once and then routinely cared for and fed.

Every Helper who dies in your service worsens your attempt to negotiate for a new Helper next time. Pull off a successful job and get a good haul and maybe that problem goes away. This goes for everyone you fire without paying and, of course, every Helper you kill yourself.

As alluded to already, when faced with a Fear effect or when their lives are threatened (or when you look like you’re on the ropes) any Helper may have their Morale checked, with those who fail fleeing or surrendering or something.


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