Magic comes from many sources. All of it is alive.

All magic is, in effect, a bargain and a contest.

Holy Men draw power from their direct link with their gods, monstrous beings with tremendous powers. They are capricious and demanding.
Witches draw power from any being they can, using the power of blood to rewrite the world, learning new tricks and secrets from other witches.
Magicians draw power from an unusual symbiotic bond with their Wands, which sustain and protect their hosts to the extent they find them useful.
Tricksters aren’t truly magical wielders at all, but have attained through magical insight a knowledge of how to affect the minds of those around them.
The Stargazer is a conduit for spirits and powers beyond this world and dimension to bear influence, and like any tool is easily discarded. They more than any others are prisoners of magic, if we can even call it that.
Skinwalkers use shapes to create power. All dragons were once Skinwalkers who became powerful enough to master the magic of the Aurum.
The magic of the Aurum comes from Hell.

People respect magic and some even rely on it but all fear it. In a firefight or a bar-room brawl, anybody who has shown facility with the craft has a target on their back. It’s also, with few exceptions, damn hard to make a living at compared to something like the simple Farming Folk or Hunters. And of course each source comes with its own risks and hazards.

Magic is change. “Change” is a broad term. The one most often changed is the magic user. And all that implies.


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